True or False?
If you build a website, customers will come!

If you answered "true", then you have a false expectation of the internet marketing industry!

Your internet presence matters!  Not only to your business but to K&L Media as well!  We offer a multitude of solutions to fit your company's solutions and budget!

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Many businesses going online today believe that once their website is built, then their marketing efforts are over.  This is a vital mistake that many businesses make.  Just as direct mail marketing requires follow-up and constant connections with various potential clients and networking partners, your website requires a constant effort to build your online customer base.  K&L Media offers solutions for not only putting your website on the internet, but solutions to help you maintain internet exposure and keep your customers coming back!

We recognize and know that just building your site is not good enough.  We strive to keep good ongoing relations with all of our clients.  That's why we have created a special area for clients!  This area is still under construction, but it will be used for clients to complete trouble tickets, help with setting up their email and some online marketing help for your website!  If you are a K&L Media client with a website hosted by us, please email us so we can set you up with a login to the clients area!

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