Checking Mail Via your Internet Browser
(as of 11/15/07)

This help document assumes you have made the change to our new name servers which point to our new servers effective 11/15/07. If you have not yet changed your Domain Name Servers, you must do so before 12/1/07 or your website will not be properly displayed. See the Announcements area for more information.

 Visit the following URL inserting your own domain:

This URL will only work if you have email accounts setup within your hosting account. If you do not, please see the help document for "Setting up your Email Account"

Please Note:  The web-based email client installed is a very very basic program intended mainly for checking your email on the road or away from your home PC. Only the basics are installed and there is no ability to organize your email as there would be using an email client such as Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express. Your email is compatible with any program supporting POP3 Email. Some examples and recommendations are posted HERE 

Enter your full email address as the username. Enter your email password and then click "Login"


 You may also change your email account password by clicking "My Account" from the left hand navigation. Just remember if you use a third party email client you must also change the password within your email software as well.

Clicking on "Options" will allow you to customize your email display and various other options such as customizing the email layout design.

To setup Spam Assassin within the web based email client, visit your control panel at: Login with the email address you want to configure and the password supplied to you. By Default, only anti-virus software is turned "on"

NOTE: At this time, this email software does not have an organizational means of organizing email (ie; folders), this is why we again say the web based email client is better served just for checking email while away from your pc. We suggest using an email software that supports pop3, such as Outlook or Outlook Express. You can view some alternative solutions HERE 



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