Adding an Email Acct


If your account allows for setup of an additional mail box your control panel will allow you to setup one. If you are unsure or would like to purchase additional pop3 email accounts, email me at

The following information assumes you have additional email mail boxes to setup in your account.  Go to the following URL

https://[]:8443 -   replace your domain and there are no spaces.

If your website does not have an SSL Certificate, this message will appear. It is safe to click the second option "Continue to the website". SSL certificates are for websites conducting secure transactions. Our control panel access login area is within a secure network.


Enter your domain name in the Login Field. (example: Enter your administrative password given to you with your setup email. Click Login.

If you have additional mail accounts available there will be a link that says "Create Mailname"  If this link does not display, it means you do not have additional mail accounts but you can purchase additional accounts. Email us for more information and pricing.

If you have additional mail accounts available, and after clicking on "Create Mailname", the next screen is where you will enter the mail name you wish to create (example you need only enter the first part) Enter a password for your mail account, re-enter the password to confirm, click "OK". NOTE: be sure to write down the password and email name and see this help document if you plan to use a third party email client such as MS Outlook.

If you wish to change your email password, see this help document on changing your email password.


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