Q. How do I access my website to make changes, If I want to do it myself

 A. If you are a K&L Media Hosting client you received an email with your admin username and password. Your username and password will work via FTP or using a web authoring software such as Microsoft Front Page. If you require assistance, you can visit our management services area to purchase any changes, additions, modifications, etc.

 Q. Do I have to purchase from you if I want to change something on my website?

 A. No, if you are familiar with website design, or html, you can manage your own website and make any changes you want. Just be aware that if you make changes or re-design, that you do so at your own risk. Once we have designed your site we are not responsible for any changes a user makes. We recommend that if you should decide to make your own changes you create a backup of your website. (can be done in the control panel)

 Q. Do I have to use MS Outlook or Outlook Express to access my email?

 A. No, you may use any third party email program you like or our web based email panel by visiting https://yourdomain.com:8443 . enter your email address and your password given to you when your account was setup. If using another email client other than Outlook, you can still use the pop3 incoming and smtp settings found on the email setup page.  Additionally we have a few links and solutions for alternative email programs HERE

 Q. How do I change my email password?

 A.  See our help topic on "Changing your email Password"  Remember if you change your email password in your control panel, you must also do so in your email client (MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Etc)

 Q. Can I setup additional email addresses?

 A. Each domain is setup with a limit of 2 pop3 email accounts. However unlike most hosting companies we only charge you for the additional setup of additional email boxes, there are no other on-going, monthly or annual fees, just one-time setup fee for each additional mailbox.. Visit the accounts management page for pricing and ordering.

 Q. Can I host my website elsewhere?

 A. Absolutely. Unlike many hosting companies we do not lock you into hosting with us. Just be aware that there are steps you will need to take to have your website transferred to the new hosting company. If you have paid a full year of hosting and you want to transfer to another host, you can do so, but your fees are not refundable with us. Your new hosting solution will setup your hosting account but it is up to you to transfer your own files. For an additional fee, we can transfer your site to your new hosting provider OR send you a copy of your site backup files. If you are a new client and would like to keep your hosting elsewhere we can still design you a fabulous website, we will just need the account login information in order to upload your files or if you prefer we can design your site on our local servers and you may transfer them to your own hosting company. 

Q. My website seems to be gone, I know I paid my hosting fees, where is my website?

A. There could be technical problems and then there is always the possibility your domain name expired. The first thing you should check is your domain name registration status. To do this you can use the following URL:  http://www.godaddy.com/whois   type in your domain name.  Look for the expiration date. Some registrant's if they expire your domain will give you a redemption period to renew it. You must renew your domain name with your domain registrar, we are not responsible for domain names! If your whois record indicates you are registered through PMRNC Hosting, the link to login to manage your domain is located Here: You will need your customer number and password received when you registered your domain. Additionally you can click "Forgot Login" under the customer number and password fields.

If your domain registration is ok, please submit a trouble ticket and include an alternate email address we can reach you at. In most cases we will get back to you immediately!

Q. Do you offer any other means of billing other than annual for hosting?

A. At this time it is our preference to invoice annually due to the fact that we are a small company with a large client base and do a lot of personalized services within one industry that most hosting companies would not do. At one point we did try monthly invoicing but found it to be very time consuming in collection. We also provide our hosting customers with a significant savings by invoicing annually. If however you would like to do monthly billing, we might consider it on a case-by-case basis and only at a re-occurring billing level. If you feel this might be better for you, contact me at linda@klmediallc.com

Q. I can't seem to create folders or organize my mail in the web based email client

A. Our web based email is extremely generic in nature and was really meant as a backup for when you are traveling or away from your main computer. We recommend a third party email client which will better serve you in many ways including anti-virus protection and anti-spam solutions. MS Outlook Express is free with Windows, MS Outlook provides a more robust platform with many more features and is found within MS Office. If you are a medical biller you will find yourself lost without Microsoft Office, so why not use all the features it comes with?

Q.  I can't seem to send email through my domain within my email software, what is causing this?

A. There are generally two things that could cause this problem.

1. you are not setting the reply address in your email to yourname@yourdomain.com

2. Your local ISP blocks port 25. Some ISP's will not allow the use of a Foreign SMTP (outgoing email) server. This is beyond our control. ISP's will sometimes block port 25 so they can control spam going through their system. Port 25 is the common port that is used for SMTP service on the internet servers. There are many large dial up ISP's that do this such as Concentric or Mindspring. You will need to check with your ISP Provider for more information on this issue. If they are blocking port 25, you might have to use the SMTP your ISP provides you with in order to send mail from your domain name address. Again this is NOT within our control.

Q. I type in my control panel address into my browser but nothing is coming up!

A. There could be a couple of reasons why: 1. Make sure you are typing https rather than http in the beginning of the URL. The Plesk Control panel is on a secure server which requires the https in the beginning of the URL. 2. If you are running windows firewall or Norton's firewall check your task bar to see if it is requesting permission to access the URL, most likely this is the cause. Once you give it permission to visit the secure page you should not have to do it again. If you see no message from your firewall software, disable it and try the URL again.

Q.  Where do I get my web stats?

A.  You can retrieve your stats within your control panel. Once you are logged into your control panel, click the "home" button, then on right hand side, click the domain you want the stats for, then click "reports" and then click on "WebStats" A more complete tutorial is located HERE

QWe are receiving an awful amount of spam, how can we correct this?

A. There are a number of ways to reduce spam, we suggest reading the following support documents:

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