Changing your Email Password

To change your email password, visit the following URL making sure to put in your domain name where [] is. When entering the url in your browser be sure to remove the brackets.

https://[]:8443 -   replace your domain and there are no spaces.

If your website does not have an SSL Certificate, the message below will appear. It is safe to click the second option "Continue to the website". SSL certificates are for websites conducting secure transactions. Our control panel access login area is within a secure network. If you type in your control panel address and nothing happens, please make sure your firewall is allowing access to the URL.

After you click on "Continue to this website..." The following login window will appear:


Enter your full email address in the Login Field. Enter your password given to you with your setup email. Click Login.

Click on "Preferences". On the next screen type in your new password, type again to "confirm" and click "OK" to save the information.

NOTE: If you change your password in your control panel, and you are using a third party email client such as MS Outlook or Outlook Express, you will need to change your password within the email software. It could take a few hours for the change to propagate on the server. To setup email in MS Outlook, see the following help document on setting up your email in Microsoft Outlook.

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