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Just like direct mail marketing, your website has to be marketed in order for it to be found using various search engines such as Google, Lycos, Yahoo, etc. If you purchased a website package from us it most likely came with a certain amount of search engine submissions. This means we tagged your site using what are called "Meta Tags" and depending on your purchase your site is submitted monthly to various search engines using sophisticated software which allows us to submit your website to many search engines at one time. If you would like to find out how many search engine submissions came with your package or if you need more, contact us for pricing and information on ordering.

To view your website statistics, login to your website control panel by visiting: https://[]:8443 -   replace your domain and there are no spaces or brackets.

If your website does not have an SSL Certificate, this message will appear. It is safe to click the second option "Continue to the website". SSL certificates are for websites conducting secure transactions. Our control panel access login area is within a secure network.


Enter your domain name in the Login Field. (example: Enter your administrative password given to you with your setup email. Click Login.

At top left hand of the desktop after you login, click on the link that says "Home"

Click on icon that says "Report". 

Click on icon that says "Web Stats". Additionally you can also click on Traffic History and if you click on "report delivery" you can receive a copy of your stats via email. Clicking "Web Stats" will bring up another window in your internet browser with your stats.  

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