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All websites and files have been up and running, however there are still clients who's email is still not functioning because of necessary changes to email passwords. If the original setup password for the email was not changed your email should still be functioning with the same settings setup with outlook. Your webmail will change. Web email can be checked in the domain hosting control panel listed below. We did our best to keep the control panel logins the same along with email passwords we backed up from the other server. The problem was that some passwords moved over to the server were NOT secure enough so had to be manually created and setup with a temporary password. If you have not contacted me yet to receive your login to your control panel and email with settings, please do so at linda@billerswebsite.com or linda@klmediallc.com

Control panels are setup using your domain/cpanel:


As of 6:00 AM EST All sites have propagated to the new server. Some clients files were not moved properly over and we are working on that now. IF you did NOT receive the new control panel URL/login information and email settings/instructions, please email me at linda@billerswebsite.com We experienced trouble with transferring files here to this domain so we apologize that the updates were inadvertently deleted. If you did not receive the initial notice we sent last week about the server move, we apologize as some clients did not realize they had a default email address on their domains which they did not realize were there. Our previous server wide email defaulted mail to that account. If you did NOT check your domains default email you may not have received this notice and we apologize for that.  At this time all domain hosted clients email should be back up and running, but you will need to contact me if you did not receive your setup email.

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If submitting a support ticket, please be sure to give me an alternate email address so that I can reach you if you are having trouble with your domain email account!


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