Alternative Email Solutions to Web Based Email

The web based email client installed on our servers is very basic and lacks many of the robust features you would get if using an email client (software) such as Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express (Express ships with Microsoft Windows and is available free with your windows installation)

The following are some email clients that support POP3 email and which you may use, using the email settings you received in your website setup email. The Settings are also as follows:

Incoming:  SMTP:

Username: full email address  Password: Sent to you with setup

There are some ISP's (Internet Service Providers) that will not allow our outgoing (SMTP) port, if this is the case use the same SMTP settings used for your ISP email account. If you are unsure of this, contact your ISP.

Where these settings are depend on the email software you are using.

For setting up Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, see this help document

Additional Email Software

  • Thunderbird 2  by Mozilla
  • Eudora
  • Incredimail - This email is becoming popular for it's fun and business templates!  Free version and premium version available.
  • Hotmail - Microsoft Hotmail is Internet based, however there are options which actually allow you to setup outside pop3 email accounts. (restrictions may apply)
  • Pegasus

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