Important Information for WordPress Hosted Sites on our Server! 12/13/2018

Important Information for WordPress Hosted Sites on our Server! 12/13/2018

  • December 12, 2018
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December 14, 2018

ALL WEBSITES should be up and running with all fixes! The errors that existed were completely the fault of the new WordPress update. While the update was coming for a while, WordPress did not release proper information on some major coding changes they made and basically threw it out there. Sites that were effected mainly were due to having “auto update” installed.  I will be removing the “auto-update” from all sites to prevent this type of error in the future. If an update is released, effected clients will not have to do anything as I will receive a notification and investigate each update to be sure of it’s compatibility. I want to again thank you for your patience and understanding. I do completely understand the frustration and have offered all affected clients a one month savings on thier next annual hosting invoice. 

December 13, 2018  12:23 PM

Some clients will notice their site has been restored completely. We are still working on a couple of websites in which there were issues in updating the slider software plugin. Sites that had slider/animations are not displaying the animations properly and menu items are not displaying in proper format. Today through tomorrow I will be working on manually fixing these items so that clients don’t have to wait for further updates or fixes. I will send an email to each client as we complete the manual fixes. If your site is displaying properly now you have already received a notification from me and you may login to your WP dashboards in order to access and manage your blog. Again, I am very sorry for the inconenience. Each client effected by these issues will have their website hosting accounts credited by one month on their next annual hosting invoice, for the inconvenience. 

December 13, 2018    8:06 AM

We are still working on an issue that was caused by a WordPress update. As of this morning we are still waiting for a patch. If we do not receive this patch by 12:00 PM EST, we will be implementing a temporary restore from backup’s. If your site is effected by this issue, a backup of your website prior to 12/6/2018 will be restored. We cannot guarantee this will fix the issue completely and we will do everything in our power to restore the site to it’s last working state. I will provide another update here after 12:00 PM to advise users if a backup is needed to restore to a previous state. Thank you again for your patience and understanding. As stated previously, this was an issue with WordPress directly and was not the result of any errors within our server or hosting.